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SwingSmart DC

Automatic Sliding Gate

SwingSmart DC

SWINGSMART DC: Reliable, electromechanical, pad-mounted swing gate operator with UPS battery backup for residential and commercial applications.

Auto-synchronize your bi-parting gates and independently adjust gate leaf Open/Close times; 10 to 15 seconds. SwingSmart DC gracefully starts and stops on every cycle. UPS standard battery backup provides up to 300 cycles after AC power loss.*

Configure gate operation to exact user needs and set memory stored limits with the easy-to-use Smart DC Controller and Smart Touch Analyze and Retrieve Tool (S.T.A.R.T.). 

Our DC Operators perform exceptionally well in extremely wide temperature ranges without heater:  -13ºF to +158ºF (-25ºC to +70ºC). Attractive, fade resistant, key-locked, clam shell cover is easy to remove. 

Kami menjual dan melayani pemasangan Automatic Sliding Gate SwingSmart DC di seluruh kota di Indonesia yakni Jakarta, tangerang, bekasi, depok, cikarang, banten, tangerang, bogor, bandung, semarang, surabaya, magelang, banda aceh, medan, palembang, pekanbaru, bangka belitung, lampung, kalimantan, sulawesi, bali, nusa tenggara dan papua. Terima kasih!

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